Welcome to Anya & Niki

We designed the Anya & Niki brand to answer the needs of those who love travel, wellness, fitness & style.

Shop our collection of Luxe Sport Bags, Straw Bags and Straw Hats. It’s a lifestyle brand, inspired by fashion, built for function.

We hope you love the brand.

Bringing Goodness. Living Goodness.

~ Anya & Niki


The ampersand. One small character that symbolizes connection, not separation. It’s purpose is to build a relationship, signifying an interconnection. As a lifestyle brand, Anya & Niki is inspired by fashion & built for function. A company energized by travel, wellness, fitness & style. Passions that bring people together. The ampersand illustrates that there is more to all of our stories. Powerfully filling a gap to indicate that there is a future, with an expectation for something more to occur - offering us possibility and hope.


What people love our about brand is the quality, materials and added details.

We work to provide you style through lightweight on-trend, yet classic, materials and shapes.

Whether it's extra organization, padded laptop sleeves, water bottle pockets, adjustable hat bands, crossbody straps - we always have your active lifestyle in mind.